All Drifters vehicles are designed in a manner that reflects our decades of experience in the safari industry. Only newly purchased Mercedes Benz vehicles are used. Passenger cabin, body work and storage areas are all custom-built to our specifications, taking passenger safety, comfort and reliability into account. All vehicles are inspected, serviced and completely re-supplied before each tour departure.

The 4x4 Trucks
As used for the Botswana and Mozambique tours are similar to the standard truck, but specifically adapted to suit rough terrain. This vehicle tows a trailer, enabling us to set up camp, and then proceed on game drives without having to repack. Limited to 13 passengers seats to allow for maximum game viewing opportunities. These vehicles are also fully equipped for maximum client comfort. For small groups Landcruisers are used.

The 4x4 Landcruisers
These vehicles are used for smaller groups. Landcruisers are equipped with similar features to the trucks & are 4x4.

Truck Features
Bog Poles – To prevent bogging in mud or soft sand.
Seat belts - Provided for passenger safety
Concertina – Allows for direct communication between clients and driver at all times.
Shade Awning Long Range Fuel Tanks
Intercom – Allows guide to communicate with all passengers.
Stainless-steel wash basin – Provides hygienic, convenient dish washing facility.
Powerful Turbocharged diesel motor.
Storage Lockers – For equipment.
300 Litre water tank to provide safe water for use at all times. 
Stainless steel table and cooking equipment – For hygienic food preparation.
Gas Cookers – Provide a clean, quick, and efficient cooking facility. Campfires are used for cooking when it can be done without degradation to the environment.
Maps Provided - for clients use
Library - Reference books provided for clients use.

All Drifters guides are qualified, full-time professionals, registered with the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa and South African Tourism. All guides are specifically registered and licensed in order to provide you with an informative, safe and enjoyable experience whatever your choice of African safari.

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