Effective 23 March 2022 travellers arriving in South Africa, that can show proof of full vaccination in the form of a digital vaccination certificate with a QR code (hand written, paper vaccine certificates are not accepted) no longer need to provide negative PCR tests.

Non vaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers, still need still need to present a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours from time of travel. Children under 5 years are exempt from providing PCR test results, nor do they need to present proof of vaccination when returning to South Africa. Botswana, Zambia and Namibia have also all scrapped the PCR test requirements for fully vaccinated travellers and have varying caveats on children under 12 yrs.

Face Masks - You are still required by law to wear a face mask while in an indoor public space. At outdoor settings facemasks are no longer required.

South Africa therefore remains at an adjusted version of it’s lowest alert level of ‘Level 1’

Rest assured we pro-actively manage, assist and plan in advance for the implications of these Covid-19 protocols based on your exact itinerary.