On 30 Sep 2021 President Ramaphosa addressed South Africa with an update on Covid-19.

Effective 01 Oct 2021 restrictions have been eased to the lowest alert level of ‘Level 1’. This has come as a welcomed relief as the South Africa promotes its state of Travel Readiness .

Below is a summary of the restrictions we all need to adhere to. Rest assured we pro-actively manage, assist and plan in advance for the implications of these Covid-19 protocols based on your exact itinerary.

Below we highlight the latest restrictions & protocols that needs to be adhered when travelling in & around South Africa:

1) PCR Tests - All travelers arriving & departing South Africa need to provide a negative polymerise chain reaction test certificate (PCR test), obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of travel. For your exit of South Africa, we will advise you on the procedure and cost to get your exit PCR test done at your last or second last stop in your itinerary, so that you have certificate in a timeously.

2) Face Masks - You are required by law to wear a face mask at all times whilst in any public space, regardless of your vaccination status. The mask can be cloth or a surgical material and must cover your mouth and nose.

3) Social Distancing - Social distancing is practiced as far as possible and requires that you maintain an appropriate distance from the next person. For this reason, hotel staff and guides will not be welcoming guests with a handshake, but with a friendly wave and smile. Public gatherings (sports, political, faith based etc..) are permitted but limited to 750 people indoors and 2000 people outdoors. Venues too small for these numbers are limited to 50% of the venue’s capacity.

4) Hand sanitizing - Hand sanitizer dispensers (with a minimum of 70 percent alcohol) are available at all entry points to public spaces, please make sure you sanitize each time you pass such a dispenser.

5) Curfew - There is a curfew between 00h00 – 04h00 daily. Please make sure you are at your destination before this curfew. Restaurants & bars will close at 23h00 to allow patrons & staff to make it home before curfew.

6) Alcohol – The sale of alcohol for on-site and off-site consumption is permitted under normal license conditions. No alcohol maybe serve after 23h00

7) Covid Alert App - We advise all clients download the ‘Covid Alert SA App’ to your mobile phone. This app is authorized by South Africa and uses the Exposure Notifications System from Apple & Google.

Please feel free to read our updated Terms & Conditions, in which we have have allowed a lot more flexibility given the nature of the situation we find ourselves in