South Africa has some of the most beautifully diverse landscapes in the world. From charming coastal oases and wild African bushveld, to vibrant cities buzzing with artistry and life. It is also a country fortunate enough to be able to offer a number of choices in luxury train travel.

Rail passages move throughout the Cape Winelands and the beloved Karoo, to game reserves and historical regions, making for an unprecedented travel experience like no other.  By fusing luxury train travel into your travel itinerary, something we know how to do well, you will be able to view the depths of South Africa from a new, relaxed perspective that air travel fails to captivate.

Rovos Rail is one of the 3 top luxury trains in South Africa

One of the most popular train routes that run throughout the country, falls between the bustling cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg. This route covers a lengthy portion of the South African countryside in style and top-class comfort, allowing you to be well rested and refreshed upon your arrival at your respective destination.

Below are three of African Travel Gateway’s best options for luxury train travel in South Africa. Our expertize lies in helping you plan your trip as a whole, and to incorporate sections by rail into your itinerary.

Famous for its elegance and extravagance, the grandeur of the Rovos Rail epitomises luxury train travel at its finest. Amble your way back towards the Victorian days with the help of the train’s glamourous vintage carriages and lounges finished with sleek wood-panelling and winged back chairs. Guests will also indulge in a first-class dining experience with excellent cuisine, in an amiable pre-1940s atmosphere.

Personal service and attention to detail is what makes The Blue Train another luxury, five-star “hotel-on-wheels”. Traversing between Cape Town, Pretoria and Hoedspruit, this train offers guests a lavish experience that incorporates fine-dining gastronomy with deluxe suites, finished with touches of gold and marble. The elegant lounging carts allow you to soak up panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, and with a personal butler to attend to your every need, relaxation and comfort are guaranteed.

The Shongololo Express is a beautiful train that moves beyond the borders of South Africa, travelling its way around Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique too. With three, specialised tours that fall between 12-15 days and unique off-train excursions, this train represents laid-back luxury travel at its best. The charm and attraction of the en-suite cabins, and causal appeal throughout its carriages, ensures guests a splendid journey of superior quality.

A truly luxurious experience on the Rovos Rail

These affluent train companies offer a variety of packages and journey options of exceptional comfort. Book a train odyssey through Southern Africa and sit back with a glass of your favourite to relish in some breath-taking scenery in the lap of luxury.