At African Travel Gateway we often include hot air ballooning in our client’s itineraries. A ride in a hot air balloon allows you to see, smell and soak up an area on a completely new level. It gives perspective to the environment, it has an element of adventure and quite often enhances the guest’s safari experience if conducted in a wildlife area, with numerous sightings of wild animals.

Below are options for hot air balloon flights across South Africa and Namibia where you can take part in this adventure as an early morning activity or as part of a safari package with accommodation and meals etc.

The hot air ballooning products we offer, all follow a very similar pattern in what and how they deliver.  They start very early in the morning (before sunrise) when the air is at its calmest - normally with tea and coffee being served to guests as they watch the balloonists prepare the hot air balloon for take-off.

Hot Air Balloon, outside Hoedspruit, near Kruger Park

The flights last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Upon landing a ground crew (or recovery crew) will collect the passengers and drive them back to the launch site, or to a nearby restaurant where guests enjoy a full breakfast, with orange juice and sparkling wine. Before finally leaving the hot air balloon pilot awards each of his or her passengers with a hot air balloon flight certificate in recognition of their bravery! Read some fun facts about hot air ballooning!

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