Tours & Safaris - Botswana

Arguably the best safari experience in Southern Africa, Botswana does boast some magic wilderness areas. Learning when the Best time to visit Botswana is, will give you insight in working with us to plan your safari. On a safari to Botswana you can expect big…

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Tours & Safaris - Botswana

Arguably the best safari experience in Southern Africa, Botswana does boast some magic wilderness areas. Learning when the Best time to visit Botswana is, will give you insight in working with us to plan your safari. On a safari to Botswana you can expect big herds of large mammals including elephant, buffalo as well as a healthy and vibrant predator population .. all in the back drop of some of Africa’s most beautiful settings.

Lioness, Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana

Seasons in Botswana

Rainy season: November-April (summer) - During the wet season, the air is hot and humid reaching almost 40°C (104°F) during the day and comfortable temperatures in the evenings. The amount of rainfall varies during this season, decreasing from around 600mm in the north-east to 200mm in the dry south-westerly regions of Botswana.

Dry season: May –August (Winter) – Winter days are warm and clear with temperatures often reaching a high of 25° C (77°F). The evenings are usually colder, hitting the 0°C (32°F) mark at times.

The Annual Okavango Flood: Between June and August each year, the Okavango Delta experiences it’s annual flooding, as rainwater that has fallen in Angola makes its way down the Kavango River. During this time the Delta swells to three times its permanent size where approximately 11 cubic km (2.6 cubic mi) of water flows into the Delta attracting animals from far and wide, thus creating one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife.

Safari Activities in Botswana

Look out for elephants and other wildlife on guided game drives, nature walks or from the decks of a Chobe Houseboat in the Chobe National Park-renowned for its immense elephant population and wild beauty. Fish or float your way around the tranquil water channels of the Okavango delta by a traditional dug-out canoe called a moroko, or experience the beauties of the delta from a higher perspective of a hot-air balloon. Revel in the rush of adrenaline on a quad-biking safari on the Magkadigkadi Pans. Explore the basalt cliffs known as Solomon’s Wall in the Tuli Block, or enjoy some birding as this area is home to over 350 bird species.

With so many different safari activities available in Botswana, below is table of activities and the areas they can be experienced

Various Safari Activities in Botswana


11 Day Botswana Safari Honeymoon

Enjoy 11 Days exploring the best that Botswana has to offer whilst on your honeymoon, the Chobe National Park, The Moremi Gam

7 Day Okavango Delta and Chobe Walking Safari

Traverse the Okavango Delta on foot and explore the best of the Chobe National Park

7 Day Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Pans Walking Safari

Discover the Okavango Delta by foot and explore the ancient Salt Pans

5 Day Tuli Block Safari

Explore the Mashatu Game Reserve on this 5 Day Tuli Block Safari

7 Day Kalahari Safari

Explore two unique areas of the Kalahari Desert on this 7 Day Kalahari Safari

7 Day Victoria Falls, Chobe and Okavango Safari

Enjoy the best of Victoria Falls, the Chobe National Park and The Okavango Delta in this 7 Day Safari

7 Day Botswana & South Africa Package

Discover the Okavango Delta, Botswana and the Western Cape, South Africa in this 7 Day Safari & Beach Package

Best of Botswana

Explore the Best of Botswana in our carefully constructed 12 night safari itinerary

4 Night Victoria Falls & Chobe Houseboat Safari

This short safari visits Victoria Falls, as well as Chobe from the luxury of houseboat on the Chobe River

6 Night Okavango, Chobe & Savuti Safari

Take a 6 night safari adventure and visit the Chobe, Savuti and Okavango Delta

3 Night Okavango Fly In Safari

Botswana safaris are enjoyed annually by visitors from far and wide, and it is no wonder - amazing wildlife, awesome senery

Okavango Spirit Houseboat

Operating since April 2022, the Okavango Spirit Houseboat offers a unique wilderness escape for families and friend groups

15 Day Luxury Safari to South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe

Enjoy a once in a lifetime 15 Day Luxury Safari to South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe

10 Day Cape Town, Zambia & Safari Honeymoon

Indulge in our Cape Town, Zambia & Safari Honeymoon for 10 days of luxury, romance & adventure!

14 Day South Africa - Botswana

This 14 day Luxury Safari package shows off some of Southern Africa’s most striking safari destinations ...

14 Day Southern Africa Tour

Experience the amazing diversity of wildlife, culture and beauty that exists in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia

6 Night Victoria Falls, Chobe & Okavango Safari

A great all round safari covering three contrasting & exciting areas - Victoria Falls, Chobe & Okavango Delta

4 Night Victoria Falls & Chobe Safari

This 5 day tour to Victoria Falls and Chobe is ideal for first time travelers to Southern Africa

6 Night Victoria Falls, Chobe & Safariboat Adventure

This unique 6 night safari includes Victoria Falls, Chobe and two nights on a Luxury Houseboat on the Chobe River

Safari Areas in Botswana

Botswana's safari areas cover large swathes of the country. Below is a basic map depicting the main ones

Chobe National ParkLocated in the north of the country, Botswana’s first national park is known for its biological diversity and stunning scenery. The best time to visit is during the drier season with flora and fauna converging on the Chobe River to drink, eat and play, whilst still budding with life from the summer rainfall.


Zambezi Queen, Chobe River, Botswana


Savuti & LinyantiSavuti and Linyanti are two marshy areas within the Chobe National Park. With Savuti in the west and Linyanti in the north-western corner of the park, both provide great game viewing prospects of the annual zebra migration and large cat concentration that meander through the park’s unique landscape.  


Okavango DeltaThe Okavango Delta is Botswana’s inland river delta and a World Heritage Site that does not feed into the ocean, but rather into the Kalahari Desert. After flooding, the water slowly subsides creating a wilderness sanctuary that attracts a number of unique species.

Mokoro dug outs, Okavango Delta, Botswana

The best time to visit is just after the rainy season (and after the flooding) where the lily covered ponds and countless waterways create a wetland ecosystem offering guests the chance to spot animals and birds, such as the Wattled Crane and the Lechwe buck.  

Makgadikgadi PansThe Makgadikgadi Pans is a combination of wide open salt pans and desert sand. During the drier months, the pans are covered in a salt and clay-like crust, whilst during the wetter months, are covered in water and marshy grassland. The best time to visit depends on the types of activities you wish to do. During the summer the lake-like environment attracts a diverse range of animals from meerkats to pink-flamingos, yet the winter is exceptional for quad-bike excursions, nature walks and unique photo opportunities.  

Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR)This is the second largest reserve in the world filled with a wild beauty of golden grasses, fossilised river valleys and a number of game species. Lion, cheetah and Oryx are just a few of the animals spotted within this reserve. The best time to visit is slightly after the wet season as the vegetation is lush and the wildlife is in abundance. It is also when calving season occurs giving visitors a chance to see fuzzy new-borns enter the world.  

Tuli BlockThe Tuli block is a hidden gem lodged between South Africa and Zimbabwe, filled with a rich history and thriving scenery. This area is a budding hot-spot for travellers as majority of the privately owned game-farms on this natural land, cater solely to tourists. Dotted with countless baobab trees and rocky topography, the Tuli Block is a must see all year round for its profusion of wildlife and easy accessibility by road, from all major cities in Botswana and South Africa.  

Please visit our pages on general country information and hotels & lodges to get a good sense of what to expect.

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