The Khwai Community Concession is a vast area stretching for around 2000 square kilometres located on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve. 

Ancient rivers have carved their way through the lands creating the most spectacular scenery that makes up the Khwai area.  From the winding Khwai River to the extensive floodplains surrounding it, to the towering leadwood forests, the Khwai Community Concession is truly a breath-taking area of Botswana.

The Khwai River and Floodplains
The leadwood forests of Khwai

The Khwai Community Concession was created by the people of the Khwai village, a small settlement on the eastern edge of the Okavango Delta.  Khwai village borders the Moremi Game Reserve and is home to a population of around 400 people, majority of them Babukakhwe, a descendant from the San Bushmen. The Khwai Development Trust manages the Khwai Community Concession, focusing on sustainable eco-tourism and conservation.  Khwai village and the surrounding villages such as Mababe show just how local communities live in harmony with the wildlife in the area.

The bridge over the Khwai River into the Moremi Game Reserve
Khwai Guest House

Wildlife in Khwai, Botswana

Wildlife is abundant in Khwai, even within the village.  You are very likely to see a pride of lions lazing in the road on your morning game drive or hippos wallowing in the river, the elephants are a constant in Khwai and there is a healthy population of African Wild Dogs in the area. As well as all the plains game it is very probable that you will catch glimpse of some of Africa‚Äôs Big 5. With a plethora of birdlife in the area, from shrikes to snake eagles, if you are a twitcher Khwai is a great area to do some bird spotting.

Elephants on the Khwai floodplains
Buffalo grazing in the forest
Lioness lazing in the sun
Wild Dogs on the rivers edge

Safaris in Khwai, Botswana

The Khwai Community Concession comes with a variety of accommodation options, varying from spectacular luxury safari camps and lodges (Khwai River Lodge, Machaba, Khwai Leadwood, and many more) to smaller guest houses and self-catering houses (Khwai Guest House, The Termite Mound), as well as wonderful camping grounds for the avid overlander (Mogotho, Mbudi and North Gate Campsites).  The Khwai Concession can be accessed by air (aircraft or helicopter), depending on which camp you are visiting there are two airstrips (Khwai Airstrip and Khwai Private Airstrip) each servicing specific safari lodges.  As the drive from Maun is only a few hours, Khwai is a popular destination for self-drive safaris. 

Khwai Leadwood Camp
Sable Alley Camp
Elephant in camp
O Bona Moremi

The majority of lodges in Khwai are open year-round, however the best times to visit are during the dry winter months from May to October, when spotting wildlife is easier, and the temperatures are very pleasant averaging 25 degrees Celsius during the days.  The choices of activities are plentiful, most lodges offer game drives, walking safaris, night game drives, boat trips and mokoro safaris.  Self-driving is allowed in the Khwai Community Concession and other activities can be booked through the Khwai Development Trust. Whether you choose to go on a luxury safari or an overlanding self-drive safari, The Khwai Community Concession is a magnificent location for that true African safari.

Mokoro Safari
Game drive along the Khwai River