Just west of the Chobe National Park lies the unspoiled, remote region of Linyanti. This region is made up of three privately owned concessions and the communal land of the Chobe Enclave, where limited tourist numbers guarantee an authentic safari experience. The first concession is the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve situated on the southern banks of the Linyanti River. Owing its existence to this river, the terrain of the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is made up of a combination of riverine forests and floodplains creating the ideal environment for birding and game-viewing throughout the year.

Lion eyeing out some passing buffalo

The Kwando Reserve is the second concession that lies between the Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. This reserve extends westward from the Kwando River and is home to a multitude of diverse flora and fauna. Just south of Kwando is the third private concession, the Selinda Reserve, stretching from the eastern part of northern Botswana, towards the west between the Kwando and Linyanti Rivers. Together the marshy web of lagoons that constitute these three concessions form a somewhat mini “Okavango Delta”, with the addition of plenty of big game.

The Linyanti is similar to the Okavango Delta in certain respects

The large population of predators in the Linyanti region include two highly endangered species: cheetah and wild dog as well as an abundance of hyenas, leopard, and bat-eared foxes. Thanks to its lush vegetation and swampy wetlands, this concession is famous for its various aquatic animals, including crocodiles that patrol the numerous waterways, as well as myriad water birds, hippo, and fish.  Massive herds of elephant, sable, roan, and puku antelope congregate to graze over the flourishing land, while the great zebra migration that starts from Savuti in the south, ends its trail in Linyanti. An amazing natural phenomenon that occurs annually during the months of January and February.

Linyanti is a bird-lovers delight with its high concentration of birds-of-prey and colourful migrant birds who make this area their home for the summer. Sightings include the rare African skimmer, Bradfield’s hornbill, the Wattled crane, and Dickinson’s kestrel.

Lechwe in the Linyanti Swamps

With its warm weather and permanent water, the Linyanti region is a spectacular destination to visit year-round. Morning and evenings tend to be chillier during the dry months that run from April to October, and yet, with daytime temperatures that reach a high of 27°C/80°F, you won’t be cold for long! The wet season which occurs during Botswana’s summer is from November to March as daily temperatures increase and range between 19°C/65°F-31°C/88°F. The midday heat is followed by regular patterns of afternoon thundershowers which bring relief from the heat.
Due to its remoteness, accommodation in the Linyanti region is restricted to a selected number of luxury lodges and tented camps. These camps and lodges not only provide visitors with a true wilderness experience, but they offer a warm and friendly atmosphere with some of the country’s best game-viewing opportunities.