About Mount Etjo Safari Lodge

At Mount Etjo Safari Lodge you will enjoy absolute harmony of nature. Our very personal Lodge offers an ideal opportunity for the visitor to enjoy the piece and quiet of nature. The Lodge is situated in the Game Sanctuary, where numerous animals roam. Some animals like Hippo, Nyala and Porcupines visit the camp on a regular basis. From a patio situated on the edge of the waterhole, guests can observe animals quenching their thirst while enjoying a drink at the Bar, Pool and Patio area. The closeness of the animals offer an excellent opportunity for the nature lover and photographer. Meals are served in a rustic african-furnished Lapa. Guests can also chose to share a drink around campfire under the open sky, while a barbecue is being prepared.

Accommodation at Mount Etjo Safari Lodge

The Lodge is furnished with 22 private luxury rooms each with its own en-suite bathroom. Participate and enjoy our Game Drives in open vehicles, where you will enjoy the sanctuary’s fauna and flora. Animals, which may be observed range from Elephant, Black and White Rhino, Zebra, Hippo, and many different species of antelope

Safaris at Mount Etjo Safari Lodge

During the Summer the Game drives in the afternoon start at 4:00PM till 7:00PM and the morning game drive is from 7:00AM till 10:00AM

During the Winter the Game drives in the afternoon start at 3:00PM till 6:00PM and the morning game drive is from 7:00AM till 10:00AM

We offer lion feeds after the dinner at the Main Lodge, where you will have the opportunity to observe the cats feeding from a close distance. Due to our black Rhino Breeding Program in conjunction with the Namibian Government, the lions are kept on a large separate portion of the game sanctuary, mainly by feeding them at a specific spot. This minimizes predation on black rhino calves and other rare species roaming the Sanctuary.

Game Walks are offered as well as walks to the famous Dinosaur Footprints, dating back to 230 Million years, described as Saurichnians. Four different tracks have been found, however too little evidence has as yet been found to confirm the exact species. For shorter walks, participate on the guided walks to the fossilised Buffalo Tracks, which give the sanctuary it’s name Okonjati.

Specially guided Safari drives will take you to our Rare Species Game Sanctuary, an area of 4000 Hectares, which offers a protected refuge for the indigenous Black-faced Impala, the Roan and Sable Antelope, Red Lechwe and Bushbuck and others.