About Waterberg Wilderness Lodge

The nature reserve, Waterberg Wilderness, at the south-eastern slope of the mountain, is a paradise for anyone who loves hiking, game and bird-watching and takes an interest in plants. It is also the ideal starting point for excursions into the exciting history of the area and into the culture of the OvaHerero who have lived here for centuries. The rugged massif of Waterberg towers majestically over a vast, sunlit meadow at the end of an elongated valley. This is the site of Waterberg Wilderness Lodge, with red sandstone chalets scattered idyllically in a very old garden. Here you find many a spot which beckons you to linger and let your mind wander. Like the open pavilion next to the bricked-in basin of spring water where giant bamboo casts its cooling shade.

Accommodation at Waterberg Wilderness Lodge

There are nine spacious rooms, including two family units. Each of them has its private shower/WC, lounge area and roofed veranda or terrace. Activities offered: Waterberg Plateau hikes (mornings and afternoons), Hiking Trails, Scenic drives (afternoons), Cultural tour into Hereroland (morning or afternoon; please book 1 day in advance).