The Skeleton Coast Park is one of our planet’s most inhospitable yet beautiful places. This wild, desolate and unihabited area has everything from roaring sand dunes, windswept plains, towering canyons and saltpans, to seal colonies and shipwrecks. Freshwater springs permeate through barren sands to create rare oases that sustain pockets of wildlife in the desert. The Skeleton Coast Camp is located in the only private concession area within the park, ensuring a truly tranquil, uplifting and private experience.

The Skeleton Coast Camp, an up-market camp consisting of six tents all with en-suite bathroom, is located 20km from the coast. Dining occurs under an ancient leadwood tree or inside a covered dining area. This unique safari will be enjoyed by those looking for a true wilderness experience, while savouring some of the most spectacular scenery in Namibia. As the Skeleton Coast elemants are notoriously unpredictable and the terrain harsh, rough and rugged, our staff will ensure that your safari experience is comfortable and unforgettable.

Due to the remote location of this camp, set Fly In African Safaris depart Windhoek every Wednesday and Saturday for four and five day safaris respectively.