Hidden among the kopjes, lies Tarangire Sopa Lodge, surrounded by ancient baobab trees. It is the home of the greatest concentration of elephants in Africa, and other game including the elusive leopard. Over 400 bird species can be spotted here as well. With water constantly available in the area, the greenery is lush providing a wonderful contrast to the burnt ground. The Tarangire Sopa Lodge has spacious rooms with ensuite bathroom, private lounge and balcony. Each room boasts two queen-size beds. The reserve itself covers an area of 2600 sq kilometers and literally teems with wildlife throughout the year, for those looking to experience an African safari, with a dense population during the dry season (June – October). Home to some of the largest herds of elephant in Tanzania and symbolized by the baobab tree the park is also an ornithologists paradise rich in birds of prey.