Situated on Lukuba Island 13 kilometers off the shore of Lake Victoria in the Musoma District, Lukuba Island Fishing Lodge caters to the needs of travellers seeking an exclusive venture to compliment their African safari. The opportunity to observe and experience the fascinating Lake Victoria area culture—and engage in sport fishing for the infamous Nile perch in one destination—make a visit to Lukuba Island Fishing Lodge a truly unique and special experience, not commonly afforded to typical safari travellers in Tanzania. Guests are met in the town of Musoma by our manager and then escorted to the staging point for departure on board one of our boats. The journey to the island takes approximately 45 minutes.


The lodge itself is comprised of five intricately built stone bungalows with traditional grass thatched roofs, all with lake views. The maximum number of guests accommodated in a day are 10 allowing for a very personalised experience.


The stone built dining room encompasses a beautiful view of the rock islands scattered across the channel. Set under masses of large fig trees and flanked by granite monoliths on one of the picturesque Lukuba bays, it is undisturbed by and away from the interesting local fishing villages that make up the rest of the habitation of the island.

We are professionally equipped with radio communications, GPS navigators, safety equipment, game fishing rods and tackle, depth and fish finders. Lukuba Island Fishing Lodge guests have caught plenty of Nile Perch ranging in size from 15 to 162 pounds. And—there are plenty more out there! One may also choose to try some of the more traditional methods of fishing using bamboo fly-fishing like rods as the local fishermen have been doing for hundreds of years around the lake.

Fishing ,however, is not the only attraction to Lukuba. With countless species of birds a nature lover’s day can be easily made; to add to this, wildlife such as Nile monitor lizards, Vervet monkeys and spotted necked otters are commonly seen. From a cultural perspective local fishing villages dot the lake and island shores offering a glimpse into the traditional way of life which has endured for centuries. One may enjoy surrounding wildlife from a leisurely canoe or boat ride around the island, or perhaps by hiking about the large and interesting vantage points on the massive rocks. Lukuba Island Fishing Lodge exists in harmony with its environment. We are committed to conservation and preservation of both the natural surroundings and local communities , which benefit from every visit.