Overland Adventure Tours


Drifters’ tours are targeted at adventurous individuals between the ages of 18 and 55 who want to get the maximum safari experience through their own active participation. If you join in on one of our tours you can expect to be accompanied by down-to-earth people from all walks of life and various nationalities, who purposely selected a camping safari so they may enjoy the bush firsthand. ‘Roughing it and loving it’ is at the order of the day, and if you want to spend your African safari with a small, vibrant, multi-cultural group you have most certainly come to the right place!

These African adventure holidays are one of the most exciting holiday undertakings any individual could treat themself to. An African overland tour gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of landscapes and cultures. If it is your first time on the African continent, however, it is best to align yourself with a reputable African safari company that knows the region you wish to visit - Drifters is one of these.

The Vehicles

Overland Tour Vehicles

The Vehicles used are designed in a manner that reflects our decades of experience in the safari industry. Only newly purchased Mercedes Benz vehicles are used. Passenger cabin, body work and storage areas are all custom-built to our specifications, taking passenger safety, comfort and reliability into account. All vehicles are inspected, serviced and completely re-supplied before each tour departure.

The Equipment

Equipment used on Overland Tours

The Equipment taken on the tours is only the best available. Owning to Drifters own retail store enables us to keep abreast of developments in this field, and to develop and manufacture most of our own equipment to the highest international standards. Chairs, tents and rubber sleeping mats are provided on all of our tours.

The Overland Tours

African Overland Tours

The Overland Tours introduce visitors to the unique indigenous fauna and flora of each region. Often we are compelled to venture off the beaten track’ to access these remote areas which that lack basic infrastructure. When this happens accommodation is provided in tents, but all equipment is provided and no need for any prior camping experience.

Rates and Dates

Rates & Dates for 2011

Rates & Dates for 2017 and 2018 overland tours can be viewed here. The rates are quoted in Euros and each overland tour requires a minimum number of passengers to confirm a departure. If you cannot find a suitable departure contact us and let us know, we will strive to help you find a tour that suits!

A Little More on The Company

Sunset on safari

Having expanded tremendously since its inception, the company has approach its growth gradually and in a calculated manner that has cemented their reputation as a tourism provider that offers ‘unbeatable value for money.’ This, however, does not mean that their product is inferior - quite the contrary. Due to the comprehensive nature of the Drifters-owned infrastructure, which includes game reserves, bush camps, inns, boats, canoes, adventure equipment and more, they are able to offer African safari packages that allow clients the luxury of enjoying the best the African continent has to offer without the burden of a heavy price ticket.

Although based in South Africa, Drifters has a base company in every country included in their tours and have taken care to employ locals at each of these bases. What this means for their clients is that they can rest assured that a portion of their tour fees is put towards improving the communities they visit. The company is also registered with all prominent tourist associations and authorities; as well as carrying licences that permit them to operate within each given area - therefore providing a base of accountability aimed at giving tour participants peace of mind.

Overland Truck in Africa

The company aims to provide tours that introduce visitors to the unique indigenous fauna and flora of each region, and therefore they are often compelled to venture off the beaten track’ to remote areas that lack basic infrastructure. When this happens accommodation is provided in tents, but all equipment is provided and participants don’t need any prior camping experience. All you need to bring along on these outings is a sleeping bag, towel and extra mattress (if required). In areas with sufficient infrastructure African accommodation is provided in inns, bungalows or small hotels. Accommodation is offered on a twin shared basis, but individual bookings are not met with a single supplement charge.