Hi Cindy,

Yes, we got home safely on 8 Dec.  Just getting caught up.

This was the best tour we have ever been on.  Every transfer went so smoothly.  All the guides and tours were fabulous, especially Dan in Chobe, Botswana.  Everything was way beyond expectations.  The first day at the A’Zambezi River lodge the lawn was covered with wart hogs grazing.  The tour to the Mpala village and meeting with the chief was amazing.  He greeted us with “Hello Guys” and we were amazed at his perfect English.  He took us to the village grade school and we will be sending him school supplies and books in a few months (it will take a while for collection of the books and the mailing).

Next was the Elephant Valley Lodge.  We thought the tent and facilities were 5 star.  On the Zambezi river ride and the 2 game drives we saw an incredible amount of birds and wildlife.

Last was the houseboat.  All the river rides were great.  Once again we saw tons of birds and wildlife. The food was gourmet every place, so we didn’t starve.  It took us 8 hours for all the immigration stops and transfers to get back to Jo’burg, but we loved it and thought is was part of the great adventure.

Thank you for creating such fabulous tour and we are, of course, recommending this to everyone.  Will post on TripAdvisor soon to relate all our experiences.

Kind regards,
Nancy Shaffer