Dearest Anna,

I am really sorry this appreciation letter is coming a little late but have been tied up with work. Also i would insist that you forward this to the bosses as i am going to be turning soon to you for PLANNING my honeymoon to Mauritius.

Anna we all had a blast on our trip and at every destination we may have definitely remembered you more than twice . Your choice of accommodation and arrangement for the same had been fantastic. The co ordination for the proposal at Kapama was worth applauding. More over travel agents book the trip and once they receive the payment they feel their duty is over, BUT with you YOU HAD CALLED EVERYDAY WHEN WERE TRAVELLING TO MAKE SURE WE WERE SAFE AND NEEDED ANY ASSISTANCE.

No matter what I type will be less to describe what a fantastic host you have been and it feels bad to call you our travel agent since you haven’t acted like one. YOU HAVE ACTED AS A VERY CARING FRIEND AND HONESTLY YOU HAVE BEEN THE BEST ONE COULD ASK FOR . REST ASSURED YOU WILL BE OUR GO TO TRAVEL PLANNER IN AFRICA AND OTHER DESTINATIONS AS WELL.