If you can imagine an old style safari camp, then Gunns Camp is such a place. The most intimate of Botswana safari lodges, Gunns Camp is situated on the spectacular Chiefs Island set under shadowed palms, African Ebony and the Okavango Delta kingdom.


Guests will sleep in seven luxury Kenya-style tents, with the option of a thatched honeymoon chalet for romantic getaways. The Okavango Delta sweeps across the camp below, offering views of the savannah plains and sweeping Delta. The tents have twin beds and are all en suite. There is an elevated bar and dining area which overlooks the Moremi Game Reserve. The camp has a curio shop, boma and swimming pool where you can chill after a gorgeous day out on safari in Botswana. Getting to the small camp, will involve a 20 minute light aircraft journey from Maun, you will fly over the South Western Delta before reaching the airstrip. Once you land at the private airstrip, a host will welcome you and show you to your accommodation at the campsite.

Safaris at Gunn’s Camp

Gunns Camp excursions include travelling by mokoro through the Okavango Delta, or travelling by powerboat which is dependent on fluctuating water levels. Expert guides who originate from the Okavango area will share their knowledge about the delicate environment of the precious Delta. It is thrilling to silently seek out nature without disturbing the vegetation and animal life, which is found in abundance on the Delta savannahs. You will see Wild dog, elephant and roaming buffalo, as well as over 250 different species of birds.

For your comfort and optimum game viewing, it is best to visit the camp by keeping the following in mind: summer is dry season and lasts from October to May, so you will need to pack lightweight clothes which are cool. In the wet season, November to February, packing a waterproof rain jacket is suitable and practical. The winter months (from June to September) will necessitate you bringing warm clothes for morning and evening. Always pack a wide brimmed hat, sun block, mosquito repellent and your own medication if you take any. It is best to take a course of anti –malaria tablets which should be taken prior to, during and after your visit to Botswana.


The camp is intimate and simple in amenities. The only access for communication to Maun is by radio. There is an onsite laundry service, and video camera batteries can be charged. Be prepared to unwind, and relax without the rush of urban life chasing your every move. Stepping into this campsite will mean forgetting about laptops, cellular phones and calendars.

Travelling to Botswana on a safari tour is like nothing else you will have ever experienced. The entire safari expedition revolves around the animal wildlife, awesome bird life and outdoor activities. The camp offers simplicity and serenity for guests who want to indulge in the wonders of the natural world at leisure, without the distractions of the city, television or phones. Children over the age of ten are accepted on application and remain the full responsibility of their parents. A Botswana safari at this camp will captivate your senses and you will find it hard to forget the magnificence of Africa.

The old worlds of calm and tranquillity rule supreme at this idyllic camp. If you need to soak up some sun, African savannahs and majestic game watching, Gunns Camp is the place to be.