Botswana’s extraordinary Okavango Delta wetland system fans out over the sands of the Kalahari Basin in the north western corner of the country. During Botswana’s dry season the Okavango swells to around 15,000 square kilometers (5790 square miles) as flood waters gradually percolate south from Angola via the Okavango River. The Okavango Delta provides a vital source of food, water and shelter for an astounding array of wildlife, birds and aquatic species and visitors are treated to some truly eye-popping wildlife experiences - prey and predator interactions, migration activity, waterside antics and bird watching that will enchant the most seasoned twitchers. Many a safari enthusiast aspires to visit the legendary Moremi Game Reserve in the heart of the Delta. Around 70% of the Moremi is within the Okavango Delta itself and Chief’s Island and the Moremi Tongue form the mainland portion of the reserve. An excellent range of wet, dry and mixed safari camps and lodges are available in the Moremi Game Reserve and the surrounding private concessions.