Grassland Bushman Lodge is situated on the west side of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana. The area is a private wildlife reserve of some 15 000hectares. The Central Kalahari is home to the owners and has been for five generations.

The lodge is somewhat different from most others you will encounter in Botswana. It is a family concern of proud citizens of Botswana. Apart from the family the rest of our staff are all San (Bushmen).

The Lodge

The lodge can accommodate to 16 guests and are also able to accommodate families in a family unit. Accommodation is in comfortable en suite chalets. Electricity is provided during most parts of the day by means of a generator.

The Safaris

  • The most comprehensive San Bushman’ experience in southern Africa
  • Day and night drives with guide and tracker
  • Predator interaction including walking with semi-habituated Cape Hunting Dogs (African wild dogs)
  • Horseback African safaris – where guests can get really close to wildlife