Tours & Safaris - Mozambique

Mozambique is slowly becoming a popular safari holiday destination as the country moves forward with it redevelopment. Areas like Gorongosa National Park, the Niassa Reserve and the Limpopo National Park, (that adjoins South Africa’s Kruger National Park) are promising safari areas. However at present Mozambique is first and foremost a beach destination. It has a long and beautiful coastline with many little islands just off the mainland that makes for a tropical beach holiday.

Below is a list of tours to Mozambique, some of which combine a safari in South Africa, and others that are pure beach tours. Have a quick look through it, and if they don’t suit you exactly ask us for a tailor-made tour to Mozambique, and we will gladly send you a proposal.

South African beach & safari tour package

8 Day Beach & Safari

In 8 extraordinary days, this tour package stylishly brings together an African Safari & Beach Holiday Read more
3 Country Wildlife Wave Safari

3 Country Wildlife Wave Safari

A Fantastic 8 day Safari spanning South Africa, Mozambique & Swaziland and offering mix of wildlife, culture & history. Read more