African Travel Gateway

For many, the iconic African dream is likely to conjure up images of a red sun languidly dipping beneath the horizon, sleepy game feeding at the waterhole, and an expansive landscape dotted with lonely Acacia trees. Whether it’s been a lifelong goal of yours or simply an experience you’d like to tick off your bucket-list, choosing to embark on a safari is undoubtedly the key to materialising that iconic African dream.

With African Travel Gateway, we cater to every type of traveller and provide tailor-made safari expeditions to various countries in Southern and East Africa. Whether you’re keen to camp out in the wilderness for a family vacation, shack up in a world-class luxury lodge for a romantic honeymoon retreat, or adventure solo into the heart of Africa to track silverback gorillas – we can design a tour package specifically for you, crafting a unique itinerary to encompass every facet of your African fantasy. Our safari services encompass a range of activities from overland adventure tours across the savannah to elephant back safaris with knowledgeable tour guides. The possibilities are endless!

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