Lize, I very much wish to comment on my trip! First, the trip far exceeded my expectations. All accommodations were First Class, schedule coordination and transportation perfect, activities well planned and both educational as well as entertaining. Private car with knowledgeable guide to tour Cape Town was a good way to end the trip.

But the heart of the trip, what made it exceptional, was not the safaris, the food, the animals or standard of accommodations; but the people.  Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and Botswana Safari Lodges, their staff and guides, provided exceptional care and attention to insure that I was able to enjoy the African experience. The attitude of the entire staff showed that they were sincere in their desire to provide cheerful and friendly service to their guests. The cook at the African Rock Hotel was the best off all, including the Blue Train.

My only gripe was the luggage storage at the airport in Johannesburg. I normally travel light, the Blue Train dress code being the only reason for needing more than a duffel bag. Storage of one medium sized suitcase during the time I was at Vic Falls and in Botswana took over an hour of time, lots of walking and cost over 1,000 Rand.

My toe was severely injured and I was advised to cancel the trip and go home. I am very glad I stayed.

Thank you for an excellent job!!