So many safari camps & lodges in Africa position themselves as luxury ... and many are, but many are not. At African Travel Gateway we sell a full spectrum of luxury safari experiences in South Africa and neighbouring countries and understand exactly what products and experiences complement each other.

Below we have compiled a selection of Luxury Safaris, and while the safari experience is the underlying thread of them all, we have been careful to deliver a full luxury safari experience and have included other elements such as cities, luxury train travel and other experiences in the region that speak to the luxury safari experience ... Ask us for help to put one together for you!

But what makes a Luxury Safari? It’s not just the luxury accommodation which includes spacious and intimate suites, often with a private plunge pool or sala. But equally important, it’s top-notch cuisine, accompanied by an excellent wildlife experience.

So, what’s a Quality Wildlife Experience? Typically, it takes the form of having a private game drive vehicle & ranger to guide you through a premier safari area – wherever in Southern Africa that might be!

And what is a Premier Safari area? Not all safari areas are equal … some are marginal areas on the periphery of game reserves, while others are small with many safari vehicles operating. A premier safari area will encompass diverse habitat that is rich in wildlife and enjoys vast traversing areas with few or limited operators. We understand this well.

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