The advantages of a self-drive holiday are many. First and foremost it is the most cost-effective manner to explore Southern Africa. The second advantage of self-driving in South Africa or Namibia, is you have the opportunity to submerse yourself in the country’s culture, people and facilities - more so than you would on a guided tour. You will come into contact with the day-to-day working South African people in the restaurants, fuel stations, national parks etc.. in a way you would not if you had a tour guide “paving the way” for you.

Cape Point, South Africa

Thirdly one has a degree of independence as a self-drive tourist, in that when planning the itinerary we allow for more time at hot spots or points of interest that you may have expressed yourself, and minimize the time spent in areas that could be considered of secondary interest. So for example if you have 3 days in say Cape Town, you are free to do the activities that interest YOU, as opposed to what is prescribed by the itinerary in a guided tour. So if you wish to visit the Cape wine lands 3 days in a row you may, or you may prefer to lie on the beach!

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