Leopard attack on gazelle

This amateur footage was shot in Kenya and captures a leopard as it stealthily hones in on a group of impala and gazelle. The leopard strikes with unerring precision before carrying its prize off into the bush. The camerawork isn’t perfect, but it’s perfectly acceptable for an amateur filmmaker, and there’s a slow-mo recap of the moment the leopard gets hold of its prey too. Footage like this is a gritty representation of the unscripted drama that unfolds on a safari.


Lions hunt an elephant

In Zimbabwe, more amateur footage captures an amazing natural phenomena: lions hunting an elephant. It’s never nice to see the majestic elephant brought to the ground and made to suffer, but the lion demonstrates its status as the King of Africa in this video, and it’s awe-inspiring stuff indeed – if a little sad.


Remote-controlled helicopter captures amazing Serengeti footage

The Serengeti spans some 30, 000 km² and is one of Africa’s most interesting bodies of land. In this video, a remote-controlled helicopter (or drone) soars across the skyline, camera trained to the ground below, as it captures some quite amazing wildlife moments, like wildebeest moving in tandem or a hyena dragging its prey through long grass. This amazing footage should be viewed by anyone who doubts the majesty of Africa’s untamed landscape.


A lioness and her cub go for a stroll

This video beautifully captures the Kruger experience. A group of amateur cameramen spot a lioness and her cub lazing in tall grass next to a paved road. As they stop to film the event, the lioness stretches and decides to go for a stroll across the road itself, before settling down with her cubs. This up-close looks at the lioness and her babies is sweet and poignant.


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