Botswana’s Okavango Delta is the most pristine wetland in Africa, and possibly on the planet.

So much so, that the delta has been declared a protected Ramsar site (Convention on Wetlands of International Importance), meaning that the area has a deep social and ecological bearing. A variety of animals, birds and fish depend on the fertile floodplains and water for survival, with numerous species entirely dependant on the Okavango.

A large oasis in the Kalahari, the Okavango has its origins going back some 60 million years. Yet it is a surprisingly delicate and fragile system. So delicate that the movement of hippo through a papyrus channel can sufficiently divert a flow of water to such an extent the vast areas of floodplain can be affected downstream.

There is an ancient code existing in this pulsating land. For example, there is a vibrant system – the kidney of the delta, if you like - where water is pumped from beneath the soils by the transpiration process of large evergreen trees which grow on the fringes of islands. Consequently vast quantities of salts are removed from the water and deposited in the centre of islands. This unique process ensures that there is no excessive salination, and the water is able to sustain the myriad of animal and plant life it does.

The Delta is no doubt the diamond in Botswana’s crown safari jewels, no matter your taste of adventure, be it walking, boating, birding, fishing or game drives.

Consisting of a vast mosaic of islands, most adorned with huge shady trees some of which are centuries old. It is beneath these ancient sentries that the deepest secrets of the delta can be learned.

We invite you to explore this majestic and mysterious land with us.

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