When self-driving in Southern Africa it is law that at all times you own a valid driver’s license.  Avis Rent a Car will not release a car without the driver producing his / her valid driver’s license from his / her own country. Safety considerations when self-driving in Southern Africa include the more obvious like never drinking and driving, adhering to internationally recognized road rules such as speed limits, not stopping in prohibited areas etc- and like most countries in the world, there are always areas that are considered not safe to visit as an unescorted tourist. However, the routes that our itineraries include will never take guests into these areas. However, if you feel at all unsure about the day’s route give us a call, or check with the hotel or guest house that you staying at or heading to next.  If stopped at a police roadblock, never accept or attempt to solicit a bribe from the traffic officer - this is illegal and will end you in trouble with the law. It is practice for the traffic official to issue a written summons (fine) if you are found to be in contravention of a traffic law, but NO cash should EVER exchange hands whilst at a roadblock.

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