Shongololo Express

In 2016 The Shongololo Express was taken under the wing of the Rovos Rail. The Shongololo Express remains an independant product, but represents a mid market option of luxury train journeying through seven southern African countries.

Named after the millipede, with its long cylindrical body, the Shongololo Express luxury train weaves a sinuous dance through South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia on long-distance journeys to interesting sites with spectacular sights. There are currently three Journeys on the Shongololo Express. The Good Hope Journey, the Dune Express, and the Southern Cross Journey , with a further two to be added to the 2022 calendar in the form of the African Trilogy and the Malawi Meander

Travelling by rail allows guests to journey in comfort, covering distance while asleep so that a host of day tours, safaris and excursions can be enjoyed during the day. There is no need to check in and out of hotels and each day this luxury train arrives at another key destination. Explore the Rates & Dates for 2021 or 2022 , or read further on this luxury train experience.

Shongololo Express

The Shongololo Express travels with a fleet of air-conditioned tour buses driven by qualified multi-lingual guides (English, French & German). Hop off the train to enjoy game-viewing safaris, visit historical sites, see natural wonders and absorb the culture and rhythm of the countries. Shongololo Express offers two 12-day journeys - through South Africa and to Zimbabwe or Namibia - as well as a 15-day journey between Cape Town and Pretoria with a golfing and non-golfing itinerary. These trips allow visitors to experience the wonderful topographic, social, historic, floral and wildlife diversity of these distinctive African regions.

Train Station, Shongololo Express
Shongololo Express

Luxury train adventures provide guests with a well-rounded African travel experience. From a warm welcome onboard to the interesting and entertaining tour programmes, delicious breakfasts and dinners and the camaraderie of a journey shared with fellow passengers. Train journeys are a great way for individuals travelling alone to combine an African tour with good company and old-world splendour. Join us on the Shongololo Express and let us escort you on an unforgettable journey.

Observation Carriage, Shongololo Express
Travelling in comfort, Shongololo Express

There are two types of Accommodation Compartments aboard the Shongolo Express, the Emerald Cabin and Gold Cabin. They both come with double or twin beds and vary in their layouts. In addition the train boasts a range of facilities like a well-stocked bar, dining and observation carriages

Travel experiences are certainly enhanced with good food. The generous breakfast spread ensures you are fuelled for a busy day ahead with freshly baked pastries and muffins, a selection of cereals and seasonal fruits, and choices from a cooked English breakfast. Dinners draw inspiration from Africa with traditional dishes that span the continent from Morocco to Madagascar. A range of fine South African wines complement each meal.

Flamingoes near Walvis Bay, Namibia, Shongololo Express

In addition to the Shongololo Express, we promote and package two other Luxury Train Travel options in South Africa - The Rovos Rail and The Blue Train. All three trains offer distinctly different routes and features, which can be incorporated into your travel itinerary.