Dear Sue

Our great African adventure was stupendous.  Everything went off without any problems.  Every connection was made on time.  There was absolutely no stress .  It was a wonderful and successful trip. Sandra and I truly had a great time.  My evaluation of the trip is an unqualified excellent. Even our Cape Town weather debacle was rescued and alternatives were found to keep us busy.  Of course, we were disappointed not to keep to the itinerary,but one can plan for just about everything on a trip EXCEPT THE WEATHER !!!!!

I hope this photo goes through. It is the last photo of the trip. It is on the river walk at the Royal Livingstone looking toward the Victoria Falls. Sandra took it on her phone.  I think is says it all.  The two of us who got to share something special and memorable with a rainbow over our heads!

Thank you from both of us for all that you did to make this trip happen.  We are most grateful.

With all good wishes to you - Judy