Hi Cindy

Yes it was really nice and very pleasant. Many thanks for putting it all together. I must say it all worked very well and your details were spot on. There were a few times where we arrived at the airports maybe too early / waited for transfers times but these are to be expected.

Victoria Falls Lodge - all great. We could not really fault this place.

The airport took ages and as we were at the back of the plane, we were at the back of the queue so we stood for 90 mins just to get to the desk (a distance of 20 meters!!). There is clearly nothing you can do about this but I just thought I would mention so you can advise future travellers about the very lengthy delays likely at VFA.

Chobe Game Lodge - again, very very nice. The only thing was that on the night we stayed, we were having a bath about 6.00pm and the phone rang to tell us that they had to set up our dinner table on our terrace. It was done beautifully but we were not really expecting it (or really ready for
it) but we had to let them in to prepare, We would have been very happy to eat at the main restaurant a little later if we had a choice.

Houseboat - fairly basic but nice. Very small bathrooms (as we expected) but we enjoyed it.

Camp Okavango - lovely people. A different type of lodge where you all eat in one sitting. You have no real choice here. We went on a safari walk at 07.00am and was told it was abount 3 hours. We came back at 11.10 and were told dinner was at 11.30. We really just wanted to lie down for an hour or so after the walk and eat at maybe 1.00 or a little later. However, as we had to go at 11.30 (there is only one sitting) we just decided to skip it altogether as we felt it was a little too regimented. We also skipped the afternoon event as wanted some down time.

One thing that I did notice about all the places is that there is very little to do if you do not go on the designated trip. For instance, there is no gym (other than Chobe Game Lodge), no internet connection whatsoever, so real spa centre etc etc. However, I am purely giving the negatives (and these were very small indeed). Overall the feedback was very good and I liked using African Travel Gateway and would do so again.

All the best Cindy for now
Kind regards