Hi Anna-Lee,

You got in before me. I was going to email you this morning after the first week back at work. Thank you so much for organising a fantastic holiday to South African & Botswana for us. It was amazing. Everything went smoothly and your choices to stay were brilliant! The stand outs were the safari at Kapama and Grootbos. But I guess you knew that would be the case. The people at Kapama were outstanding and we had an amazing time there. It was the best way to start the adventure. We had the Big 5 covered in the first 4 days. Grootbos for similar reasons was just as great. People brilliant and the adventures here albeit different, just as breathtaking. Shark dive awesome, too bad about the sea sickness though! 4 to 5 metre swell made it pretty tough.

All the other places were great as well. Probably less time at Botswana and more time in Cape Town, South Africa. But, you don’t know until you go. It just wets the appetite to visit again.

So, again thank you for organising our trip. It truly was a special holiday for our family. One we will hope to do again in the not too distant future.

I hope the pregnancy is still going well and I wish you and your family the best over the coming months.