Dear Petru,

Congratulations on planning a perfect holiday, there was not one thing that didn’t go to plan. You did a fantastic job. We had a wonderful group of people and a very good cook with Nomad, big day with some of the drives, no one complained. Found Malawi very poor with a beautiful lake. Tanzania beautiful and the people, our 3 days in Arusha we found a children home ” Cradle of Love ” we spent 3 half days helping with these dear little babies, lots of tears from Kel and I to leave.

I loved my return trip to Zanzibar the accommodation very up market for that type of a trip. Then Predators Safari tour—well from putting up our tents to having your bed turned down with mints on our pillow, we couldn’t say one better than the other,  both part of the African experience.

Lots and lots of animals didn’t see the leopard, I have from other trips.
Noticed improvements in Nairobi and Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam another experience with roads and traffic.

Petru thank-you so much for all the work you put into making our trip so memorable. Kel and Kerrie plan a return trip and for myself 4 times to this wonderful country I really need to move on.

Best Wishes lots of love