Dear Cindy,

Report Back.

We had a most wonderful time. The food at Zuleika was outstanding, the balloon ride was tremendous fun and, to top it all, we went to Otter’s Den for breakfast. This latter was completely unexpected. Even though we were told at Zuleika we would be having breakfast at Otter’s Den, it didn’t sink in at all and we thought it would just be a part of the balloon ride. We still thought the champagne and snacks after the flight were the breakfast! It was only as we left the field and we drove past Zuleika did we realise what was actually happening.

Otter’s Den is in a most magnificent setting. Not everyone’s cup of tea to get there across the suspension bridge rocking over a croc and hippo infested muddy Blyde River but such a thrill. It was so interesting talking to the family and our very friendly pilot both during the flight and at breakfast.

The weather and sunrise were perfect. This really was a most super adventure and so well worth the wait!

Best regards,

Christine Stott