Good morning Lize,

This Safari to Lion Sands was also outstanding. Probably the best so far. Although the other camps were also very good, I think this one was maybe one step above the rest.  Our guide Ryan and tracker Norman were very knowledgeable.  And the accommodations were awesome.  This camp does not clear out the natural habitat of the terrain.  So we didn’t see any Cheetah’s, because the camp doesn’t believe in clearing out fields.  It damages the natural habitat.  Also attracts more lions because there are so many open areas that the herds of impalas etc. hang around.  However, there is a lot to be said about keeping it natural.  Much better for the animals and the land.  So, I would be more incline to recommend this camp over the others.

I’ve spoken to other tourists that head maybe more north to private camps right outside the Kruger.  It sounds like the facility is not quite as nice but the animal sightings are very good.  I think I would look into something like that next time.  Do you know of any you would recommend, maybe in a different area?  Just wondering.  I know I have a few more friends that will be going soon.  I may not go with them this next time, but would love to recommend you.  I really appreciate your great service!

Thank you Lize,
Talk soon!