Everything went like clockwork - no problems with the flights, drives, etc.

We enjoyed Chobe the most - excellent service and positive energy from the female management and staff - as I understand it’s a bit of experiment in “ladies” running a camp. Also this was by far the most luxurious. Great game drives too and spectacular sightings.

The two Okavango camps were also absolutely fine, though less luxurious than we expected (I think word of mouth about Okavango camps in general is overblown) though when one considers the standard and the all-in concept, we were still satisfied.

Moremi was just fine, very personal attention from the management there and also much positive energy. Camp Okavango on the other hand was clearly recently renovated, nonetheless still shows its age a bit and the energy there is strange - a couple of real old-timer guides who are a bit depressing. Also there were few guests there. The British and Dutch manager couple there certainly seems professional, but after being spoilt by the positive energy at Chobe and Moremi, it felt a bit morose there.

For Chobe the advantage of staying inside the park was clear. However, we would probably give others like us, who have four days, advice to stay outside the Okavango (cheaper) and go in for day trips (one day mokoro, one day walking safari, one day motorboat). We did not feel the need to spend 4 days with multiple activities per day.

Don’t want to give you the impression we weren’t happy - we absolutely were (Okavango being the only case where it should have been a bit better - but then Chobe absolutely excelling). But in case you are interested in the detail, there it is!

Regards Brian