Hi there,

We had a fantastic time on our trip. A’Zambezi River Lodge is very nice, comfortable, updated rooms… but Chobe Game Lodge is simply outstanding. I wish we could have spent a week there just relaxing. Just a couple of suggestions for you:

• Boma (for dinner in Victoria Falls) is a fun evening out…more than just dinner…it’s full on entertainment…my parents really enjoyed it. The one note is that we were led to believe we could walk there from A’Zambezi…but that’s really not possible…especially at night with the animals, etc.. And taxi fare from the hotel wasn’t cheap.

• Credit cards…just an FYI but we found use of credit cards more available in Zimbabwe than what we were told. A’Zambezi takes them…as does Boma…certainly having cash is important for tips, etc…but credit cards were available.

• Double entry visa in Zimbabwe…I believe you or someone there told us that the double entry visa didn’t exist anymore ... but it does….$45 per person.

• Activities in Victoria Falls…I would love to have known more about all the other things to do in this area..white water rafting, etc…plus the one thing I found out about at the end…the Devil’s Pool swim…really needed to be booked way in advance…and then requires extra visa over to Zambia. I’m fine that I didn’t get to do it…looked kind of scary actually! But just knowing what else there is to do there…

Anyway…hope you don’t mind a little feedback on a few things for future travellers.

Finally…as we prepare for our next trip to Kruger Park ...can you remind what we’re doing…and what’s included? I can’t remember any of the details. If we don’t have any game drives included…I’d like to find out how we can do that…especially at the Kapama Game Reserve…I think that is our slightly fancier accommodation of the 4 nights we’re in Kruger.