Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond to your last e-mail, but life has a habit of getting in the way of our good intentions to be prompt. I want to thank you and all the many people that were involved in the arranging and providing of services for my trip to South Africa. This was truly a trip of a lifetime that exceeded my expectations, with the efficiency and quality of the venues that were booked for me.

I know I was travelling solo, but the openness of my guides and the fact that it felt like a girl trip on the longer tours made my tour even more remarkable. Thanks to both Paradise tours-guide Sandy and Thompson tours-guide Estee for providing excellent service and a fun time along the way.

As for the safari’s, they were amazing and a very good mix seeing wildlife from the Phinda mountain area as well as in Kruger, and again the staff at both resorts made me feel welcome and part of the ‘family’. I had a wonderful time with absolutely no worries along the way and will recommend African Travel Gateway to all that ask about my trip.

Wishing you and the staff at African Travel Gateway a very warm and Merry Christmas and again thank you for a perfect safari itinerary and time in South Africa.

Jan Hughes