Good morning!

Paula and I just arrived home late Friday night - I’m so tired and jet lagged that I’m sure it was my good intention to send a note to myself to remind me to contact you! I must have hit “reply” instead. My apologies for the confusion.

After our African Travel Gateway portion of our journey, we moved on to Madagascar for two weeks. Although it is a very beautiful and interesting place to visit, the countries and experiences we shared during the first week moving through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia were definitely the highlights of our trip.

I’m still sorting through the 4000+ photos I took but would be glad to post some on FB and offer you any you wish for your own promotional use.

Lize, I would recommend highly this tour and any other arranged by African Travel Gateway and I do plan to make that clear when I write my review on Trip Advisor. From the start, and in spite of our many questions and concerns, your company (especially you) took care of everything. All of the places we stayed in were represented fairly in your advertisements and emails, the staff hired along the way (Falcon in Zimbabwe, as I recall) were top quality. The Victoria Falls safari lodge was top quality and we took advantage of the extra day there to do the canoe ride on the Zambezi that included breakfast and lunch. Running the small rapids with my wonderful Wild Horizons Zimbabwe boat paddler is still one of my favorite trip memories.

I have been to Kenya and Tanzania multiple times and so have experienced many game drives. I have never had such a good driver as Zambo who works for the Botswana Elephant Valley Lodge! He was a lot of fun, extremely knowledgeable, and could drive amazingly well.

Everything was terrific, but another highlight for me was the Safariboat in Namibia. Now that is the way to go. Fun tender boat game drives by day, great food, candlelight and fine wine by night. We were very fortunate to share the small boat with some very lovely people as well.

I could go on and on! If there was a glitch at all, it was caused by the long lines at Zimbabwe immigration, putting our Falcon bus in a situation of having to choose whether to drop the larger group at the hotel first or take Paula and me directly to the airport in order to catch our flight. Edna and the bus driver fixed the situation by arranging for a small car to meet us at the hotel so, as soon as we arrived, we were whisked off to the airport in a faster car than the bus. We made our flight after all and were so grateful.

If there are any specific questions I can answer for you about any part of our journey, hotels, food, dining, gift shops, the roads… Please let me know. Meanwhile, I will enthusiastically recommend African Travel Gateway to all I meet, will be sure to display your company name proudly when I do my slides presentation, give you top ratings on Trip Advisor and Facebook, and hope that someday I’ll have the good fortune to travel using your services again.

Thank you again for a trip of a lifetime!

Kindest regards - and my very best to you, Petru and the rest of your staff,