Hello Anna-Lee,

The main chores are done and I can take the time to give you my feed-back.

First, as I told you earlier the synchronization of all the flights and transfers in between the camps was perfect. everybody was on time and ready to help.

Kasaka River Lodge
The localization was very good, the size perfect, small and personal, and the people very nice. We were lucky the camp was not busy and we had our own guide, Morrat,  a pleasant and good guide. We enjoyed very much the mix of cruise and drive safaris and discovered the “sundowners”.

Puku Ridge Camp
Well situated, with huge tents, personalized service with a table per couple or group. Good service.
unfortunately we had to share the safaris with 2 other couples. Alick, our guide was rather withdrawn and we just had to follow through ! he told us we could have asked for a private safari, did you know that ? he did his best. I realize we may be a bit difficult as we had not experienced this situation for a long time.

Camp Kuzuma
Beautiful camp but badly located. The closeness to the Zimbabwean border and their private hunting safaris kill any chance to see any animals there. Frustrated (the 2 of us and the 2 Australians) at the end of the 2nd day, we asked to organize our last day in Chobe, which was well and nicely done. Another con, the cook only serves on plates and imposes large quantity of food even when you ask for small portions, preferring to feed the animals with the left overs rather than pleasing his guests… how can you throw food away in such a poor country ?

Camp Xakanaka
Good camp with nice staff, already too big for us. Their organization of a brunch at 11.00am is awkward.If you drive a bit far or if you enjoyed the animals for too long, it was a RACE to be back on time for the brunch, and the source of a lot of complaints from other customers too. we had 3 guides and it went from the worst to the best. the last day was the best and we enjoyed the best of the Okavongo delta.

in Zambia, the sundowners were around 6.00pm when the sun went down and very enjoyable.

In Xakanaka, we had one at 5.00pm ! sitting in the middle of the Okavango to spend your time drinking gin and tonic…

One thing is sure, our next safaris will be the way we have always done in the past - private.

In South Africa,
The Woodall Lodge was great, in the middle of those lemon plantations. The 5 courses dinner was a bit too much but good.

The Mudlark Lodge is lost in the middle on nowhere. I thought it was on the Witsand side, my mistake. The people were pleasant, the garden and all its birds a pleasure. The drive on the dirt road is rather long, the ferry was quite an experience. But there are no boat trip possible to see the whales on that bay. Bad luck, we did not see any whales although we walked along the small trek around Infinita. The fynbos were beautiful. Not one shop around to buy water or food either. you depend completely on the lodge.

Otherwise, we had a new car, we enjoyed our tour. Did not miss much by not going to Knysna the first time. The weather was much cooler and had an hour of rain. It was a good trip. We will look into Malawi and Zambia again maybe for next year.

Thank you again for the good work, will get in touch later.

France GABET