Petru:  We are home, and tired!  we wanted to thank you for your wonderful help.  Everything worked out great.  No glitches the whole way, to troubles.  Just one or two little things I will mention.  But we loved everywhere we went and everything was arranged perfectly.  We were very impressed by everyone’s timeliness.  We want to let you know that Falcon Safari’s in Zimbabwe was right on the minute every single time and it was well appreciated.

When we save some more money 😊, Africa is surely on our list to come back to, and we will look you up first thing.

Only two little issues, Lokuthula was so HOT, it was way too uncomfortable without aircon for us, but we will know next time to ask for an upgrade.  And the GPS took us near, but not to African Rock.  Finally after an hour and a half and help from locals including the police, the hotel driver rescued us.  An awesome place when we made it.  Well, it isn’t even close to what the GPS did to our daughter in Costa Rica, 😊, so she has a much better story.

Anyway, again, thanks so much for your efficiency and we will surely put a wonderful review of African Travel Gateway on Trip Advisor, soon—when we wake up.

Susan Kilkenny