I just wanted to send a warm thank you for your hard work and team
of people who so responsibly met us at every stop and made sure we were
comfortable and knew what we were supposed to do.  We met wonderful people
on our journey from various parts of the world and I can’t imagine their
trip was any better than ours.  We were able to see the big five and many
other animals, some very rare to see, the Sitatunga, honey badger, and
malachite kingfisher.  We loved all of the places we stayed—The Elephant
Lodge, so so, but we did get to see the leopard and male lion there. Our
favorite was Camp Okavango because we were treated like royalty.  I will
recommend African Travel Gateway to any of my friends who are heading to Africa and I hope to go back again. It was a trip of a lifetime and we did not want to come home!

Sharon Cobb