Dear Lize,

Sorry for late reply, as I arrived back from South Africa I had to rush in a long business trip and just come back home. During our trip we had a wonderful time and cannot thank you enough for your splendid organization and your properties selection during our stay. It has been a real lifetime experience and we enjoyed every moment spend in Southern Africa.

All accommodations were exceptional and each one of them unique in their own way. The service was superb in any of the places we visited and once again my heartfelt thank you and compliments to you.

It was my first time organizing a trip through the internet, and I was dubious at first, especially when I wasn’t able to find a lot of recommendations on the web on African Travel Gateway, now I’m extremely happy that I decided to give you credit as you surpassed my expectations.

I will be happy to recommend you or African Travel Gateway to anybody planning a trip to Southern Africa. I have already, at length, talked to several friend about the wonderful time we had and of your impeccable organization. Moreover, we probably got what in Italian is called “African Fever”, and started planning a follow-up visit in the near future. Can you advise me and organize a short trip for us at Mt. Kilimanjaro and Serengeti Park? Wishing you all the best, I thank you, again, for all.

Kind regards,
Stefano Lorenzini