Dear Lize,

Habari asubui, safari nsuri sana….
Good morning, wonderful trip!!!

What you sold us was exactly what we had, that means, no surprises, no changes of plans , I was concerned about.

African Tulip, I was surprised, very nice hotel.

Rhotia Valley Lodge, beautiful place, what was a surprise, was to have a warm bag in our beds at night….. Simply delicious! It was a little bit cold..

The driver, Onesmo, wonderful person, very nice, very knowledgeable about places, animals, birds, preys and hunting…

The camps were just perfect, we learned about saving water, light, even using the same clothes for more than 2 days, cities are just an excesive expenditure of such valuable things we do not appreciate when we have them.

The views impressive, the people very warm, and very helping .

What I enjoyed most, personally , was Rhotia Valley, so green, great land for cultivation, Ngorongoro Crater, incredible! , Siringeti and its different landscapes, was just a special contact with nature , that I still keep fresh .

Food on camps delicious, and a lot, specially at night, even though I would have liked to taste some local african food, I missed that.

Lunch boxes good,perhaps too many fried and cold things, I would suggest more fresh things , boiled eggs and cakes its ok, but , apples, vegetable sticks with a cheese or sauce, like cucumbers and carrots sticks I would have added , or vegetable sandwiches, cause during the day its warm enough.

Landcruiser very good , we had no problems at all, Onesmo very responsable at all times, he had to fix the back struts, or, coil spring ? with those roads I don’t think it lasts too long, but I thing tires were a little old?

Thank you again, hope this helps,

Wish you good luck, and please, if you know how to contact Onesmo, send him a warm and special hug from us , he’ s just a great person!

Warm regards,