Dear Howard,

We are safely back from our Tanzanian Safari to find England under 15cm of snow! Leopard Tours were really efficient, the drivers were friendly and always on time.

In Sand Rivers we were upgraded to a suite with pool which was great as it was 38 C in the shade!

We had our own vehicle with a good guide and our own boat on the river. The highlights were the bush breakfasts under shady trees on lake Tagalala. We had buffalo, elephant, giraffe and lots of birds in front of us when the lions appeared on the scene:So three of the big five for breakfast! We also saw a herd of 47 eland.

Selous Impala, the only camp we had not been before, was a nice find. We again had our own driver plus guide and our own boat. Highlight was seeing wild dog hunting impala and on the river we drove the boat onto sand 3m away from a resting pride of lion. On the other side a herd of some 200 wildebeest came down the hill in a cloud of dust to drink while we had our drinks on the boat.

Ruaha River Lodge was how we like it. We had a Masaai guide and again our own vehicle. So you can see we felt like millionaires all the time. The game viewing was good.

Mwagusi gave us the same beautiful Banda we had on our previous visits. Chris Fox was in camp and looked after us very well. Highlights: We saw Serval hunt and a beautiful leopard! Inka had a bull elephant almost on her lap who was high on testosterone!

On our last evening we had an amazing experience: We sat on the veranda overlooking the dry riverbed when the Mwagusi came down after heavy rain. This was only the second time that we saw that happen.

As you can see, we had a wonderful safari in Tanzania and would like to thank you very much for organising everything so efficiently.

Kindest regards
Jens and Inka Mumme