Dear Anna-Lea,

I must say a different time of the year might have proved Victoria Falls to be far more spectacular.  It was, despite the reduced visibility, still amazing.  I took the shower-cap from the lodge as I found its label very amusing.  With the name Victoria Falls Shower Cap, I was thinking it might have been helpful while we were getting completely soaked on our tour of the Falls.  It puts a smile on my face as I think some enterprising person could sell those on-line and might be well rewarded for the effort.

The hotel and the African tour company were very nice, everyone was so helpful.  Meeting friendly, knowledgeable guides who know their country, the river and the locality made our short sight-seeing trip so much more enriching and personally valuable.  These are the things that you do not find in your geography or history lessons or read in novels, but only come to know with feet on the ground and some kind people to give pointers. 

We were introduced to the owner of the tour group while at the bridge.  He was a lovely man and indeed should be proud of his staff and their offerings.

I do regret not having time to see Zambia, Kruger, Durban, Lesotho, etc. etc.  In other words, staying for a good long while and touring the different states within South African and seeing more of southern Africa.

Thank you for the arrangements and your follow up.

Ann Margaret Ulrich