Hello Cindy

It is so nice to hear from you and that you are well. We are very sorry to hear what happened to you but we believe you being a very strong lady things will pass and you will start again. We are also very sorry to miss the opportunity of meeting you but we believe this might be a good reason for us to come back to South Africa for another trip.

Overall, we enjoyed our trip very much. All the transfers, sightseeings, accommodations, etc were good. There was some misunderstanding initially as we thought all our sightseeings etcc were on a private basis which obviously was our oversight of not checking the itinerary details. We did not really mind to share with other people and most of the sightseeings, particularly the transfers were just the 4 of us anyway.

It was indeed a very succesful trip that we brought back a lot of good memories home. South Africa certainly is on our list when we plan for our holidays and we look forward to your help again if and when we come back or if any of our friends might want to visit South Africa.

Thanks again and take care.

Kind regards