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Self-drive holidays are becoming more and more popular in South Africa and Namibia. Even countries like Botswana and Mozambique have seen a dramatic increase in self -drive holidays. At African Travel Gateway, a number of our tailor-made itineraries for South Africa & Namibia include at least a section of self-drive the itinerary. When planning a self-drive holiday in either of these countries, we try to compose the itinerary so that you never have to drive more than about 250 - 300 km (155 - 186 miles) on any given day. Often the distance is a lot less, or for a number of days you may not even use the car or just drive around locally, while you explore and enjoy the local attractions of an area.

Self-Drive South Africa

South African and Namibia make ideal destinations for self-drive tourists. The main reason for this, apart from self- driving being the most economical way to explore South Africa, is because both countries have a well developed and extensive infrastructure in place especially with regards to the road network.  A self-drive tourist to South Africa or Namibia can expect good tar roads joining all major centres and most secondry destinations, and the roads that service the more “off the beaten track” areas are in fact good dirt (gravel) roads that are more that good enough to drive in a normal sedan car - no 4x4 vehicles are required for 90 % of the tourist destinations.

Other countries in the region that self -drive is a nice option include Botswana and Mozambique, however these countries would require a greater level of independence and sense of adventure. We always recommend that guests that self-drive into these countries have some experience in self-driving at least in South Africa, and that they preferably go in two vehicles. Mozambique and Botswana in particular, have areas that are very remote and the quality of roads can vary from good to challenging to very poor that requires a skilled driver and a 4x4 vehicle.

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On the whole a self-drive holiday in South Africa and Namibia is something that will leave you with great memories. It is a blend of independence, adventure, excitement and structure offering guests an unforgettable experience of Southern Africa ... Take a quick look at a couple of our self drive tours below, or drop us a line! Seize the opportunity!Come see and explore what self driving South Africa and Namibia has to offer-!

14 Day Southern Africa Tour

14 Day Southern Africa Tour

This 14 day tour highlights some of South Africa’s most breathtaking scenery. It is a diverse itinerary that includes Cape Town and its surrounds, the Kruger Park area for a private safari camp experience, and the last 5 days is a guided & assisted tour of Victoria Falls in Zimbabe and Chobe National Park in northern Botswana ... Read More+

11 Day Self-Drive Tour of South Africa

11 Day Self Drive Tour

This 10 night self drive tour starts and ends in Johannesburg, and covers the north and east parts of South Africa. The itinerary takes in the Blyde River Canyon, an exhilirating hot air ballooning experience, the Kruger National Park, Swaziland and Zululand. It allows for adventure, relaxation, safaris, culture and stunning scenery ... Read More+