The term ‘African Safaris’ is a broad sweeping one, encompassing a wide array of activities, all pertaining to travel in Africa, with a strong emphasis on observing wildlife through different means.

What follows is a collection of topical blogs that in some way or another celebrate successes, stress needs, or simply highlight little known but important facts around African conservation, safaris & travel ... Enjoy, or alternatively take a look at our safaris on offer!


The word 'safari' is synonomous with images of an African sunset or the rolling grasslands of the Serengeti, but what does it really mean? Read more

Tracking and Game Drives

Have you ever wondered who that is perched on the end of a game drive vehicle? Why is he there? What’s he doing? Read more

Chobe Elephant Hunters

How big an animal can a lion hunt? Impala? no problem .. Kudu? yes .. Buffalo? sure .. Elephant? would you believe it Read more

Elephants - the Path Ahead

There are vast areas set aside for national parks and game reserves in which elephants thrive, but is it really enough ? Read more

Rhino Conservation

The poaching of rhino in Southern Africa is completely out of hand. Learn something about this deeply disturbing plague. Read more

Historical Umfolozi

Often overshadowed by the likes of Kruger National Park, the Umfolozi Reserve is a ‘must see’ safari destination for visitors Read more

Deception Valley

The lesser know Deception Valley in Botswana is home to possibly the world’s most ‘nature connected’ people Read more

Wild Ares - What Do They Mean?

The protecion of wilderness areas world wide, should be of greater importance than the worlds most expensive commodoties Read more

Sand Forest Suprises

The beaches and coastal Sand-forests of northern Kwa-Zulu Natal are not just beautiful, but in fact a birders paradise Read more

The Mysterious Boteti River in Botswana

The annual floods of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, have far reaching effects on some of Botswana’s distant landscape Read more